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This is a lot of fun!

25 Sep


25 Sep

Awesome clinic Casey!

23 Sep

Thanks again to Casey Grillo for doing a drum clinic at Guitar Center Monroeville!

If you ever get a chance to see this guy, don’t miss him!

What if…

21 Sep

What if there was YouTube back in the days of Keith Moon! He was of course very wild and crazy but I bet he would have acted ten times crazier than he did knowing that he would constantly be on camera!

How about Hendricks? Or just about any of those wild and crazy rock stars back then?

Maybe people act a little crazier today because they know they will get loads of attention from it from going viral.

This ALWAYS cracks me up!

20 Sep

This drummer IS at the wrong gig!

Why Take Drum Lessons?

19 Sep

Why should you take drum lessons?

Here is why…

Special videos from the past

19 Sep

This is a clip from that great show “Rock School” 

This show basically was YouTube before there was YouTube. 

It was a music clinic right in your living room once every week!

And another video of Ian discussing Rudiments