There’s always good drumming out there!

14 Sep

You know what, there is always good drumming around you! And there are always great musical examples to learn from!

One of my favorite places to hear a great drum part is from television shows. Especially the classic shows! Think of the theme from the flintstones! Both of the themes too (there where two). Or the theme from “I dream of Jeannie.”. Both of those too! On a side note, the original theme to I dream of Jeannie was a 3/4 jazz waltz (THE DRUMMER WAS AMAZING!). The animated Jeannie character in the opening was dancing in 3/4 along to the original jazz waltz. Then when the theme was changed to the well known calypso theme the animation was never changed. So if you notice Jeannie is dancing in 3/4 to the newer theme song! I bet you’ll sleep better tonight knowing this! :-)LOL

But point being, tons of great drumming can be found on television shows both from the past and present. So get out there and learn “Night Court” or the theme to “Barney Miller” or whatever today! What’s also great is that you only have to learn about 30-90 seconds of music so it’s usually a quick process!

Ok, until next time!


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