My First Paradiddle

17 Sep

I remember back when I was little and just starting out on the drums. In all honesty, I liked learning rudiments right away because my first love was drum lines.

I remember that I really had a tough time playing Single Paradiddles! I would practice them and practice them but I would always get tangled up on them. What was supposed to be “R-L-R-R-L-R-L-L” would morph into “R-L-L-L-R-R-L-R” or some other silly combo. For some reason I just had a heck of a time learning that Single Paradiddle!

I even remember getting so frustrated one day while I was practicing paradiddles that I even ripped my lesson book! I was livid!

It was also frustrating because lots of the other rudiments and reading exercises would come easy. For instance, I remember being able to play an open roll right away. But the Single Paradiddle was a completely different story!

But man, very often these kids I work with nowadays nail a Single Paradiddle AND an open roll right away! They also learn to read pretty fast too. I almost get jealous of some of these kids being able to nail this material so much earlier than I was able too!

The future of drums is looking bright at IBDS!



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