What a Joy! The Shelves are empty!

18 Sep

Drum Lesson in action

I had the most wonderful experience at Guitar Center yesterday.  They DIDN’T HAVE what I thought I was looking for.  WONDERFUL!

i went to GC looking for a few drum pads for some new students and my friend who works there told me that they were all out.  At first I was thinking…”dang!  now I’ll have to order them and wait for them.  That stinks!”

Well, I do have to order them, but actually it isn’t so bad after all.  My friend working there tells me that they recently had quite a bit of youngsters buying pads because of school band starting.  When you look at it that way, you can’t help but feel good about it!

And my friend checked several stores to see if they had pads in stock but to no avail…  So that means there are a great number of new drummers being born out there!  Lots of kids at this very moment are taking steps towards reaching their goals of drumming fun and stardom.  That’s wonderful!

I can only hope that educators like myself and other private teachers and school band directors are up for the challenge of the responsibility of shaping the path of success for these wonderful potential great drummers.

I for one am glad that Guitar Center was fresh out of pads…

Let’s all just take this one step at a time…and one day at a time!


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