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Parents, Before You Send Your Kid Out There….

14 Oct

….to “learn the drums” by joining the elementary school band please consider this. About 80% of the Elementary School Band Directors out there are not drummers. In fact, most of them know very little about the drums at all. Being a “Band Director” doesn’t mean that you are a master of all the instruments in a band. Was Paul McCartney a puppeteer of Ringo Starr? No. The same thing applies for the school band. If you can drive a regular passenger car does that qualify you to drive a race car? No. same thing applies to the school band. Parents, if you are going to spend money on renting or buying a drum for your child you might as well make sure that they have a fair chance at learning how to play it. And guess what? Your band director recommends this for your child too!

Visit InnerBeat Drum School’s website today and start learning how to: Hold the drumsticks properly, how to play a drum roll! learn a drum solo and much more right from the website….


One Thing I So WishThat More Beginner Drummers Would Do!

14 Oct

One Thing I So WishThat More Beginner Drummers Would Do!.

One Thing I So WishThat More Beginner Drummers Would Do!

13 Oct

I really wish that more drummers would just simply spend more time just taking a simple beat drum beat and playing it consistently for a long period of time. Yes, I know that it’s tempting to throw in a fill or something but way too often the beginners just don’t have the discipline to develop the “pocket.” It’s one thing to just play a beat, it’s another to play a beat that people can feel and that a bass player can lock into. Now your playing is of more use to other people. I have a couple of great play along tracks right here if you need a place to start. Just listen and play along!



7 Mar

So much drum stuff!

1 Mar

It’s just amazing how much drum education and demos are out there to watch nowadays.

And to think that when I was a kid the highlight of my week was just hoping that I wouldn’t miss “Rock School” on public television!



Quick Drum Tip!

26 Feb

This is a very short lesson on stick control and sound quality…enjoy!

And I Repeat..

24 Feb

And I repeat…I Love practicing my practice pad on the exercise bike!