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Parents, Before You Send Your Kid Out There….

14 Oct

Parents, Before You Send Your Kid Out There…..


Being a better drummer

17 Feb

The more simple our practice routine is and the more we focus on basic movements the easier it is to call upon more complex ideas that we already spent time learning. And we’ll have better judgement as to when to apply those more complex ideas to real music.


It’s all in the fingers!!!

5 Dec

Mr. Rogers never could have followed this!

10 Oct

Best age to start drum lessons

5 Oct

In my opinion the best age to start drum lessons would be between ages 5 through 8.  At this age range, kids are young enough to not have been exposed to many of the counterproductive routes to learning how to play the drums like bad advice from school band directors or sloppy online lessons and other pitfalls.  Also, at this age range kids will be old enough to retain the information given to them in lessons….and another benefit is that at these ages, parents will have an easier time helping their kids to practice at home…it will be a nice activity for the family!


4 Oct

Remember, 15-20 mins of consistent practice 4-7 days per week is always better than a 2 hour cram session once or twice per week. Also, try to spend some time practicing softly…playing softly develops control and helps you to play smoother. Plus it will help you concentrate better while you play…

Why Take Drum Lessons?

19 Sep

Why should you take drum lessons?

Here is why…