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So much drum stuff!

1 Mar

It’s just amazing how much drum education and demos are out there to watch nowadays.

And to think that when I was a kid the highlight of my week was just hoping that I wouldn’t miss “Rock School” on public television!



Quick Drum Tip!

26 Feb

This is a very short lesson on stick control and sound quality…enjoy!

And I Repeat..

24 Feb

And I repeat…I Love practicing my practice pad on the exercise bike!

The most important thing to a drummer.

22 Feb


Thanks for reading…..

Ok, I’ll come clean!

20 Feb

Ok, I’ll come clean! Sometimes while I’m teaching a drum lesson I really have to fight the urge to just bust out with a nice fast and heavy Samba beat on the drum set! It’s a struggle sometimes but my students make it worthwhile to stay composed.

More great drumming, music!

19 Feb

My local sports talk radio station plays some of the funkiest music ever! And then they have this one intro where they play this awesome drum solo, double bass and all. There’s always great drumming somewhere!

Thanks to all of the teachers

18 Feb

I would like to thank all of these school teachers I had growing up that had to listen to me tapping endlessly on my desk while in class. Lots of ideas that I still use today came out of those times I accompanied math and spelling classes with syncopated beats and finger rolls!

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