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Famous People Who Play The Drums

15 Oct

You’ll never be alone!
Not only will people think that you’re cool and want to hear you play, but you’ll join a worldwide community of drummers! You could travel from Kentucky to San Francisco, then walk right into a drum shop and instantly make some friends with like minded drummers!

Also consider this; lots of celebs play the drums too:
Here are a few:

Joe Pesci
Don Cheadle
Billy Bob Thornton
Dennis Green (former Vikings football coach)
Criss Angel
Craig Fergueson
Dana Carvey
Bob Crane (from Hogan’s Heroes)
Johnny Carson
Tipper Gore
Mike Piazza
Bill Cosby
Courtney Cox
Randy Johnson
Doug Flutie
Paul O’Neil


Parents, Before You Send Your Kid Out There….

14 Oct

Parents, Before You Send Your Kid Out There…..

Best age to start drum lessons

5 Oct

In my opinion the best age to start drum lessons would be between ages 5 through 8.  At this age range, kids are young enough to not have been exposed to many of the counterproductive routes to learning how to play the drums like bad advice from school band directors or sloppy online lessons and other pitfalls.  Also, at this age range kids will be old enough to retain the information given to them in lessons….and another benefit is that at these ages, parents will have an easier time helping their kids to practice at home…it will be a nice activity for the family!


4 Oct

Remember, 15-20 mins of consistent practice 4-7 days per week is always better than a 2 hour cram session once or twice per week. Also, try to spend some time practicing softly…playing softly develops control and helps you to play smoother. Plus it will help you concentrate better while you play…

Ed Shaughnessy!

11 Sep


“There’s no substitute for a private drum teacher.  They will help you to learn faster” -Ed Shaughnessy

Guitar Center Drum-Off starts today!

11 Sep

Guitar Center Drum Off starts today!  Good luck to all of the contestants!  I’ll be judging again at Monroeville and I’m really looking forward to it!